RipTide - In The Middle of the Nite - Official video by Stefan Glerum & Crooked Line from Crooked Line on Vimeo.

Come along for a night out with a group of clandestine street racers in this explosive music video…

Amsterdam-based illustrator Stefan Glerum teamed up with animation studio Crooked Line to create this animated music video for DJ and producer RipTide. Crooked Line was responsible for bringing Stefan’s illustrations to life for the first time.

To coincide with the launch of the video, Stefan Glerum put together an exhibition of works from this project at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam. The show features an extensive amount of original drawings, sketches and prints from this project, which can be viewed until February 24th at the gallery.
For more info go to: kallenbachgallery.com/inthemiddleofthenite

This music video came together as part of the collaboration between RipTide and the Jäger Music DJ program

Illustrations: Stefan Glerum
Website: stefanglerum.com

Animation: Crooked Line
Website: crookedline.nl
Facebook: facebook.com/crookedline

Music: RipTide
Website: riptidemusic.nl

Illustration assistants:
Jarmo van Berkel
Jim Glerum
Jasmijn de Nood

Menno Endt
Theun Hendrikx
Sebastian Dráb 
Stefan Glerum

Supported by Jäger Music
Website: jagermusic.tumblr.com

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SFX-Compilation: vimeo.com/85928540
Compositing: vimeo.com/85928539
3D modeling: vimeo.com/85928537
Moving Storyboard: vimeo.com/85928538

Magnolia Verano 2014 from Bamba on Vimeo.

Magnolia Verano 2014

Modelo: Flor Alzieu

Director: Luis Aguer
DF: Martin Irigoyen
Cámara: Lucas Cafiero
Producción: Daniel Kacew y Manuel Aguer
Styling: Sofia Greco
Make up y pelo: Clari Reynoso
Gaffer: Milagros Chain
Edición: Alejo Oliva
Color: Julian De Lucca
Grafica: Gaston Allario

Juveniles - Fantasy (Polvo Disco Edit)

Come & C (feat. Alexia) - Fix me from Bamba on Vimeo.

Come an C Featuring Alexia Presents “Fix Me”, Starring Agustina Córdova

Directed by Luis Aguer and Manuel Fernández Vidal
Produced by Manuel Aguer and Daniel Kacew
DoP: Salvador Kaplun
Art Director: Carolina Gonzalez
Camera: Natalia Martinez
Camera Assistant: Lucas Timerman
Styling: Sofia Greco
Make up: Clarisa Daniela Berchi
Hair Styling: Marcelo Huespe
Choreographer: Lola Gutierrez
Edited in Caliwood

Thanks to:
Carolina Ferraiuolo - Primorosa Interiores Para Damas
Santiago Aguirre
Juan I. Rosales
Pao Giai